I’m an old guy that spits, unwavering and always true.

In fact, I’m not alone; we’re a whole gang of amps, all top-notch, all serious USA-made brands. We’re the ones working full-time for Sleater-Kinney, well… Corin and Carrie, two talented girls with a lot of temperament. We love them, swear to it.

Oh no, I’ve never had the volume knob set below 8 out of 10! Battered but happy, and not anywhere near retirement. Proud to serve music that roars, I don’t have a poor face to share soft ballads or weak knee ditties, not me!

The girls have been back in action, rehearsing a lot. I felt the current pass through me and through the jack; don’t mistake me for a three-week-old bunny of rock and roll. « Marshall » is written all over me, guys… not some crybaby like Softies, Taylor Shit and the glitter, or in « TV Star Arch-enemy » mode, or even the so-called « urban music » making its bread with two poor turntables, a mouse-like angry voice, and three or four insults against the LAPD or NYPD. « Rock and roll », that’s my name!

Semper Fi to our beloved leaders, who’ve been navigating the punk rock scene for 30 years without letting down their sonic rage.

Respect! They (and a bit of me, hey) are releasing an album on January 19th, called Little Rope, and it’s been pumped hard into my chassis for a few months ad lib: rehearsals, work, studio strolls, rehearsals, dubbing, overdubbing… get on the truck, get off the truck, I’ve been quite shaken.

Well, if we’re in punk rock, it’s not to string hippie pearls. I’m directly connected with my effect pedals pals; they’re also on top, tortured with these songs. Result: I scream in all directions, it feels so good. A buddy from the microphone section told me that the song lyrics are also full of emotion and talk about mourning, hell, resilience, and breakups. So be it.

Of course, in the spotlight, WHO are the true show all-stars (I know, I know): the vintage Gibson sisters and the sturdy guys from the Fender six-string section, who were solicited like never before, they broke a ton of strings. They’re the ones really leading the grand sonic ball…

I hear well, but I’m focused, and I see the snare drum taking a serious beating, the cymbals almost having an aneurysm, it’s « hot potato » that mood of Little Rope. A good release! I really listened to everything during the final mastering; hey, I was proud of us because we, the amp team, faithfully reproduced the strength of the songs.

Without us, the amps, « no arms, you get no chocolate » in punk rock, right? Now, we’re going to travel everywhere.

Tour, concerts, planes, soundchecks, concerts, trucks, planes: yeeepeeeee 2024!

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

I hope I don’t get a warm beer from a roadie on my head this time, like in Los Angeles the other day; I blew a fuse, went a full month in the hospital with kind doctors using a hot soldering iron, and I came back with new buttons, but that’s another story…

In the meantime, you, listen to this and turn up the volume on your sound system, your radio, your headphones. But never below 8 out of 10, okay?

Jérôme « say it like you mean it » V.








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