Scoop ! Interview Erol Khan et Richard Norris, les deux musiciens derrière ce projet superbe.


Amigos, lâchez tout et notez ce nom, cette découverte splendide : Beyond The Wizards’s Sleeve, album The Soft Bounce à paraître le 17 juin.

Collaboration de deux petits génies, Erol Khan et Richard Norris, ce coffre renferme des trésors électro, pop, des perles de mélodies, des voix célestes, rythmes travaillés et surtout, surtout très belles chansons. Nous partagerons les clips et les news à ce sujet sur nos pages Facebook et Twitter. L’écoute de cet album varié et puissant m’a rappelé le choc que j’avais eu en découvrant le Leftism de Leftfield : l’impression de toucher du doigt une terre magnifique, inconnue et inexplorée mais qui figurera sur ma carte mentale pour toujours.

Oui, oui, du très beau, amigos, retenez bien ce nom.

En attendant, voici une interview dans la langue de Peter Hook et du mode d’emploi de votre TR 808 des deux compères, vous n’avez qu’à nous dire « thank you » !


How do you create songs, i.e. fully electronically or in a more acoustic////analogic way ?
R: It depends on the song…. sometimes from the drums, sometimes keyboards, sometimes just an idea for a bit of vocal… there’s no set pattern, just some small thing that inspires you to take the next step and see if you can create something good
E: They started in various ways. Some began from a basic chord progression, others from just building layers of sound which were expanded on. ‘Diagram Girl’ was originally written on an acoustic guitar but ended up electronic.

This album is really filled with a variety of styles and moods : how did you select these tracks and order ?

E: The order selected itself, and there is a concept which runs through out the record which is waiting to be deciphered…
R: We have been working on the tracks for a while, they have taken many different forms. The order came through many hours of listening to each one and deciding what felt right.

What are your « cult » music tools / instruments ?

R: I like the Mu Tron Bi Phazer. We also use quite a bit of Omnichord on our music.
E: For me personally, nothing was ‘cult’ as such, but a wide variety of good and bad equipement was used. Most of the guitars went through a cheap 1990s Zoom multi FX pedal which many people would turn their nose up at.

Which music or film soundtrack composer do you like ?

E: Angelo Badalamenti
R: Many. Current favourites are Clint Mansell and Mogwai.

« Beyond the wizard’s sleeve » ; sorry I am French 😉 is this an allusion ? (book , quote ? band , lyrics ?) (and FYI 99% of the French people would not be able to translate)

R: It’s magic. I like the idea of going ‘Beyond’, maybe to somewhere you didn’t set out to go in the first place. But you end up some place else and discover something new.
E: It means nothing and everything.


What are you listening to right now in your car/phone/ kitchen ?

E: New Andy Stott album, the entire Cleaners From Venus back catalogue
R: An English band called Let’s Eat Grandma.

Who did a great album recently ?

R: I like Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant 4 compilation. Many good tracks on that.
E: I haven’t heard anything which has completely blown my mind to be honest..

Who did disappoint you recently in the music industry ?

E: Not interested in documenting disappointment.
R: Not disappoint, but sad to lose so many great musicians this year.

Brexit, or not Brexit ?

R: Not Brexit. Most people under 50 in the UK see the value of remaining in the EU.
E: I travel to Europe almost every other week, so I’d prefer to stay in, but its a democracy so let’s see what happens

no brexit

A 140 signs message to our dear readers (who’d better love your album, I can tell you that !!)

E: It took a lot to make this record, and we hope that it can give pleasure, joy and comfort to all those who invest their time to it.
R: 140 characters is a small space to try to get across anything, although I suppose a haiku poem does it in less space… the map is not the territory 🙂