Once in a while, I write a post in English.

So, I was walking fast in the streets of my <3 town, Paris.

I was listening to my mp3 pocket reader, with light earphones on, comfortable volume blasting softly, stepping out of the metro to go to some work meeting. This album I just did DL and that caught my ear.

April 2017 had just started, the sun was shining, the air was cool, Parisian ladies were as beautiful as ever, people seemed busy and as colorful as usual. Life was good, after all.

I was concentrating on Tim Engelhardt’s new album, Moments of Truth and was feeling very good indeed. A smile appeared on my face.


Electro sounds, cool rhythms, long distance vibe, synthetic mood, repetitive patterns, classy tunes, that matched perfectly with my pace. Danke sehr, dear artist from Germany, (Cologne great city too).

One foot on the snare, one foot on the bass drum, I moved quite quickly and that instrumental music was starting numerous trains of thoughts in my always boiling brain…

I remembered when I was younger, dancing and drinking in blue or red lights, how it felt to be riding on the music, on alcohol, on adrenaline and never being tired.

I figured out Paris in 2047, listening to these elegant and modern tunes and smiled, imagining either total chaos and absolute pollution and homeless people everywhere with more soldiers on patrol than today…. or a futuristic vision with hoverboards and people dressed in white, green parks instead of parking lots and cultural events every other hour. Option 1 seemed to me more realistic. I smiled again, seeing a bunch of college students running after each other in the street.

I thought of my father who died 1 year ago and who would have told me : “what is this bizarre music you are listening to? ”. He liked good wine and going to see movies.

And finally, I felt happy as I told myself: “well, you will write a post in English to share the good vibes you experienced with that album, walking in the streets of Paris, in springtime, you left foot thumping on snare drum, your right foot on bass drum, with a smile on your face, thinking about your past, thinking about the future, getting your heart beat synchronized on Tim Engelhardt’s music.”

Jérôme “left foot-right foot” V.

PS : Here, link to the album !