I have been everywhere, up and down, around and around, under the Joshua Tree and through the snow you’d find on a New Year’s Day. I read ALL your posts, articles, chronicles, would it be War or Peace. Boy, it took me a whole Sunday, bloody Sunday.
NOT A SINGLE WORD about the century’s most fantastic, marvelous and unforgettable fired BAND, that is to say the glorious, outstanding, magnificent U2 (er, some guys we know a bit, btw).

I tell you, young mates, Achtung Baby !, you will end up in a place where the streets have no name, if you do not praise them the way you should.

With or without you, they remain the very very best, their elevation is at the ultimate top, all you can’t leave behind.
Have you got pride? It’s now 11 O’clock tick tock and about time you move.

If nothing is seen soon within your published pages, beware, I will send you FOR FREE all their songs packed in your next laptop update. All of them, yes, even the latest album. FOR FREE.

Pest Regards,

Paul H. and the E. ( sent from a smartphone in a pub in Dublin, you know, on the green Island North of your” la Bretagne”)